Emergency Exit Padlock and Sleeve

Developed for staff areas, the emergency exit padlock and sleeve is a complete padlock sealing system comprising a specially designed padlock with permanently embedded key and luminous tamper evident security sleeve.

  • Provides an audit trail of safety test openings - self adhesive
    control sheet designed to stick to the exit door giving 12 month record.
  • Luminous sleeve for visibility in darkness.
  • Tamper evident uniquely numbered sleeve prevents misuse
  • Permanently embedded key ensures fast opening in an emergency.

Please be aware that we only have limited stocks available and once sold out it cannot be replaced. 

  • Bank / CiT
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Post & Courier
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Transport & Distribution
  • Utilities
  • Various
  • Hardened steel padlock
  • Plastic, luminous key sleeve
Sealing Applications
  • Staff areas
Product Specification
Security Level 1-5: 5
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