EntriSeal Labels

The Entriseal Non-Resi Security Label is specially designed for use on polished, coated surfaces such as vehicle doors or aircraft hatches.
Features include a petal-cut, dry, unglued central area for the gap between door and body or fuselage and a control label with the serial number duplicated for ease of recording and checking seal numbers.

Entriseal shows a strong VOID OPEN message on removal and leaves no residue on the metal surface.
These security seals can be supplied on reels of 500 or 1,000

  • securing hatches and doors
  • seal for polished and coated surfaces
  • sealing vehicles
  • sealing aircraft
  • Tamper evident surface mounted seal
  • Level 3
  • Tensile strength n/a
  • Airline
  • Transport
  • Automotive
  • Quality Control
  • Office Cabinets
  • Data Cabinets
  • Server Cabinets.
  • Standard orange
  • other colours available
Sealing Applications
  • Aircraft doors / hatches
  • Vehicle doors
  • Filing cabinets
  • Data cabinets
  • Fuse cabinets
  • Valve cabinets
Product Specification
Security Level 1-5: 3
Width: 85mm mm
Length: n/a mm
Height: 25mm mm
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