Fixed Length Seals

Fixed length security seals can be used on a variety of applications and are expertly manufactured. This type of single use, plastic seal is highly tamper resistant.

A fixed length seal is perfect for most transport applications where a seal under tension on a roller shutter or barn door latch would break due to the flexing of the rear doors in transit.

One of the most important security features of a fixed length seal is that the built in weak point is situated outside the locking mechanism housing but close enough to prevent pliers being used on the strap or ribbon to prise the seal open. Another important feature is some free movement of the seal inside the housing, which demonstrates it has not been tampered and glued back in place.

As with all security seals it is important to control the number, colour and type of security seal being used to prevent substitution.

Whilst it is vital to check the integrity of the security seal at the point of delivery how does the checker know this was the original seal applied to the vehicle or container?

As well as the usual checking of seal number, some shipping companies are now photographing and e-mailing the picture in advance of the consignment's arrival to prevent substitution or on deep-sea long distance shipments attaching a photo of the seal with the shipping documents inside the container.

One of the benefits of fixed length seals over pull tight seals is the push to shut mechanism - the seal will give a 'click' confirmation of closure, without having to recheck if the seal has sealed. This can be very useful on vehicles, particularly where seals are going to be attached in adverse weather, as the ease of fitting is increased.

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