IBC Seals

Intermediate Bulk Container or Pallet Tank (IBC) Security Seals

IBCs come in a variety of sizes and types according to customer's requirement but the footprint is dependent on the pallet size standard of the country. Pallet tanks are used to transport many different types of liquids, granulated and powdered products such as chemicals, oils and food products.

Unisto has a range of security seals that are ideal for sealing IBCs. All have a high security level, thin diameter ribbon and are variable length, so fit to both tap and filler cap. They can be supplied in material that is certified food safe and manufactured in plastic that is metal detectable. Seals can be supplied in a variety of lengths from 120mm to 2,800mm, with a break strength of up to 50kg, which means these seals are robust enough to withstand bumps and knocks in transit.
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