Seals are placed on carts and stowage boxes for three main reasons:

  1. As access control, to prevent an unauthorised person placing anything inside the cart.
  2. To meet HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) regulations restricting the sale of duty-free items until the flight is airborne.
  3. Theft prevention.

Unisto has a variety of security seals that are suited for airline applications. Seals to secure catering carts, such as the unique Siris Seal with an innovative cruciform shaped ribbon that prevents the use of a shim to overcome the locking mechanism. The Revo Seal that operates like a pull tight seal but hangs conveniently on the cart like a padlock seal, enabling easy reading or scanning of the number or bar code. For single handed operation and high tamper-evident security the Padlock 4 is a popular choice for both catering, bar and duty free trolleys. For the highest level of tamper-evident, barrier security the Targo Seal is still the best in its class; ideal for securing high value duty free trolleys on inbound flights.

Seals are available in a wide variety of colours, that not only offers the standard airline colour coding for out-bound, in-bound, turnaround and emergency but also provides a range of colours to cope with the airline's own colour coding needs.

If you would like guidance or advice as to the most suitable seal for your needs please contact us.

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