Data Security

Securely storing your confidential documents until such time as they are needed or are ready to be shredded is a key part of a compliant confidential data management strategy. Organisations both public and private store confidential data in many different ways; in sacks, lockable boxes, in custom built cabinets / cages and even in lockable wheelie bins. At first glance these may appear to be secure but they are not demonstrably so. An external check cannot confirm that the contents have not been accessed wholly or in part. However all these storage containers can be security sealed to provide immediate, visible evidence of access having taken place or any tampering that may have occurred. A serial numbered security seal enables an easily auditable data protection security system to be put in place at low cost to provide complete peace of mind. 

Archived data protection is one element, another is protecting live data and sensitive information. A number of companies and organisations now require the lenses of cameras on 'phones to be obscured using a serial numbered (non residue leaving) tamper evident label that is applied and controlled at the point of entry / exit or at reception. 
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