Padlock Seals

Whether you're looking for single use plastic padlock security seals, or heavy duty tamper resistant padlocks, Unisto have a solution.

Padlock security seals are designed for ease of use and have the similar attributes of fixed length seals whilst tending to be smaller.

For certain applications with eyelets such as airline trolleys, data or valve cabinets the padlock seal benefits from hanging flat against the door or inside the cupped recess in the example of an airline trolley.

Ideally a padlock seal can be closed using one hand and if not properly locked or tampered will spring open, thereby attracting attention to its status.

Checking the integrity of a padlock seal can be achieved by giving it a quick tug, if the seal has been tampered it will no longer have its original strength and will open easily.

Key Padlocks with security sleeve: Optima and Qubis are solutions to one of the perennial problems of padlock use, has someone opened the lock either by an unofficial or stolen key or by picking?

To gain access to the keyway the Qubis and Optima Security Sleeves need to be broken thus providing evidence of unauthorised access. The locks themselves are also individually numbered so that they can be controlled and lock substitution is not possible.

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