Pharmaflex Detect

Now added to Unisto's extensive range of variable length, 'pull-tight' seals is a metal detectable seal designed for use in, and compliant for the food and pharmaceutical sectors, fulfilling HACCP requirements.

The blue, polypropylene based material contains tiny fragments of metal throughout; this means that should the seal (or a part) end up in your product preparation, either the whole seal or just a small fragment of the seal will be detected by either magnetic or x-ray based detection equipment. Pharmaflex Detect is available in 15% to 30% metal content, so can be supplied to suit the sensitivity of your detection systems.

Pharmaflex is manufactured individually so there are no linking parts that could cause contamination and it is suitable for clean-room use to seal bags, boxes, roll cages, valves and other equipment. The seal has a safety feedback feature for the excess seal ribbon to prevent accidental eye damage.

Pharmaflex Detect Seals can be supplied with logo and sequential numbering and barcoding if required, making them them unique and auditable.

  • Roll cages
  • bags
  • boxes
  • sacks
  • kegs
  • tanker lids
  • valves
  • Variable Length Seals
  • Food processing
  • Food ingredient storage and distribution
  • bulk transport
  • pharmaceutical bulk processing
  • Blue
  • Polypropylene with detectable additive HACCP compliant
Sealing Applications
  • Tankers
  • cages
  • sacks
  • bags
  • boxes
  • bulk containers
Product Specification
Security Level 1-5: 3
Width: 3.8mm ribbon mm
Length: 360mm mm
Eyelet Dimension: >3.8mm
Opening Mechanism: Tear-off by hand or with snips
Closing Mechanism: Hand
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