Secure reusable bags

Unisto manufactures security bags and pouches to your specification that are rugged, long lasting and can be secured with one of our wide range of security seals.
Manufactured from PVC coated nylon fabric eyeleted, reinforced with tamper resistant seams or contrast piping. Special security folds to prevent access. These bags are designed and created to

  • Securing ATM cassettes
  • securing cash-in-transit
  • jewellery transport
  • watch transport
  • valuables-in-transit
  • protection of equipment
  • Reusable bags and pouches
  • Cash-in-transit
  • jewellery
  • document management
  • data security
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Financial management
  • Courier
  • Post
  • Bespoke bags wide range of colours available
  • Nylon
  • coated PVC
  • various other fabrics on request and according to application
Sealing Applications
  • Seal through integral eyelets and security fittings:
Product Specification
Security Level 1-5: n/a
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