The Unisto TachoSeal is for securely sealing the linkage between the motion sensor and transmission to ensure adherence to working-time regulation of commercial vehicles and their drivers. The TachoSeal prevents the illegal tampering of the sensor to prevent recording of commercial vehicle's operation, in contravention of Regulation (EU) No 165/2014.

The Unisto TachoSeal meets all requirements of the EN 16882-2017 standard, including Appendix C, as confirmed by SQS (Swiss Accreditation for Quality and Management Systems). The robust design withstands very harsh environmental conditions. Can be applied by hand or with a Torx screwdriver. With barcode or data matrix and an area for marking with sealing pliers to identify the fitting workshop (VMU). 

  • Road Transport Tachograph Security
  • Meter Seal
  • Road Hauliage
  • Bus
  • Commercial vehicle:
  • Yellow
  • Aliphatic polyketone
  • coated stainless steel wire
Sealing Applications
  • securing together vehicle motion sensor and transmission and prevent tampering
Product Specification
Security Level 1-5: 4
Width: 38.8 mm
Length: adjustable mm
Height: 16.2 mm
Eyelet Dimension: 1.2mm
Opening Mechanism: snips
Closing Mechanism: hand or tool
PDF Documents
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