Why use a security seal?

Put simply, a security seal shows whether a locking device has been opened, indicating unauthorised access to restricted items including bags, boxes, cases, cabinets, doors or specialist equipment (such as fire extinguishers or first aid kit boxes).

Security seals protect from theft, misuse, third party contamination, and the stowage of illegal goods or indeed people, as immigration control continues to be a major issue.

Compact Security Seal with Removable Self Adhesive Label

A consignment of goods or set of documents is invariably handled by many people before reaching its final destination. To save the time and cost of many detailed security checks, the security seal serves as one of just two indicators of the integrity of the contents - the other being, is the container itself intact? The security seal cannot prevent access but acts as an immediate alert if any tampering has occurred, enabling the eventual identification of the responsible party.

Crime today is evolving fast and it is advisable to update security measures regularly. The cost of prevention is far less than the potential losses and time incurred as a result of theft, contamination or other criminal activity.

C2K Reusable Electronic Security Seal

Security seals are key to protecting your goods in transit and can also provide valuable additional benefits such as providing additional logistical controls and together with the use of bar codes or RFID tags can speed up process efficiency.

High quality security seals protect more than just your goods; they also serve to protect the integrity of your workforce.


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