Braided sealing wire can be used in conjunction with Selflock Clip Security Seals or P8 or P10 sealing plier applied seals (see "Tool-closing seals"). Lead seals can also be used with sealing wire although environmental and health & safety concerns preclude our offering lead.

Our sealing wire comes in the following measurements, in cut lengths or in coils:

Cut lengths:

  • Thick (dia. 1.5mm): 150mm, 220mm
  • Thin (dia. 1mm): 150mm, 220mm


  • Thick (dia. 1.5mm): 1/2kg (204m length) & 1kg (408m length approx)
  • Thin (dia. 1mm): 1/2kg (204m length approx) & 1kg (408m length approx)

We currently have a special offer on 1kg and 1/2kg coils of thick and thin wire .


Special Offers

Coils Special offer

Thick (dia. 1.5mm): 1/2kg (204m length) 

£5.00 each excluding VAT

Minimum Order 10 Coils

Carriage £13.55



  • Wire
  • Tensile strength various
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Utilities
  • N/a
Sealing Applications
  • Used together with Selflock and P8 / P10 Seals
Product Specification
Security Level 1-5: N/a
Width: 1.1mm (thin) or 1.75mm (thick) mm
Length: 6" or 9" cut lengths mm
Eyelet Dimension: 1.25mm (thin) or 1.9mm (thick)
Opening Mechanism: Snips
Closing Mechanism: Tool / hand depending on seal type
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