Wooden Secure Crates

Made to your specification, Unisto provides sealable crates for shipping high value goods and commodities worldwide. The crate pictured is built to take up to 500kg, reinforced with steal banding and with pallet skids for ease of handling. The lid is nailed into place and sealed on all 4 sides for security with a Unisto Metalo-Unicable 1.5 x 200mm cable seal.

Importantly, the crate is manufactured from a certificated, sustainable timber source.
  • bulk cash transport
  • bulk coin transport
  • high value transport
  • bullion transport
  • gemstone transport
  • Tote Boxes
  • High value transport and logistics
  • bulk cash transport
  • bulk commodity transport
  • cash and valuables in transit
  • Wooden crate
  • sustainable softwood
  • steel nails
Sealing Applications
  • Unicable Security Cable Seal 1.5 - 5mm diameter length as required:
Product Specification
Security Level 1-5: n/a
Width: 558 mm
Length: 658 mm
Height: 364 mm
Eyelet Dimension: 3mm
Opening Mechanism: Crowbar
Closing Mechanism: Hammer and Nails
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