Security Labels

Tamper evident labels are used for a multitude of purposes, and are available in a variety of types to best suit your security sealing application. Security labels are most commonly used to secure retail packaging for high value products such as branded clothing, cameras, watches, smartphones and electrical items, to indicate that the carton is intact and has not been interfered with in storage or transit. Any tampering is indicated by a clear void message on both label and carton, the label having left an indelible VOID / OPEN residue on the box.

Other popular security label applications are securing doors and hatches on vehicles and aircraft. In these cases it is important that no residue is left behind on the surface and our Non-Resi or Non-Resi Plus Seal is recommended for these applications.
Unisto supplies many major airlines with Non-Resi Plus Seals that have been developed to work with the various oils and de-icing sprays that are commonly used on aircraft. These tamper evident labels can be designed to your specification and together with the auditable serial number and your logo, additional security features such as kiss-cuts, micro printing and your preferred wording, both on label surface and within the security voiding message can be included.
To comply with Department of Transport legislation all vehicles entering airport secure areas have to be sealed. For many vehicles with eyeleted door latches this is achieved with a single use plastic, metal or reusable electronic seal. However some light vans without external latches require a Non-Resi tamper evident seal to provide auditable compliance.
Our newly installed, state-of-the-art digital printing equipment allows cost-effective multi-colour printing for logos, photo-ID and special designs. Please contact us for more information on these new developments.

We hold serial numbered, neutral stock marked "SEALED" of both Non-Resi and Non-Resi Plus labels for next day delivery. We always provide support with initial trial samples to ensure that our labels are suitable for your application prior to order and our expert Unisto Team is available to discuss your application in detail to provide a tailored solution.
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